La fotografia di moda di Davide Mosconi

Elio Grazioli

Davide Mosconi was a prominent visual artist in the Italian art scene from the Seventies of the Twentieth century until the beginning of the new century. In fact he had a musical formative path and embarked on a visual career somehow for passion somehow for profession. Successful photographer, he has always been working in fashion and in advertising - his campaigns for Branca Menta (the glass of ice) or for Sip ("The phone, your voice") are well-known. This essays is about the shifts from the artistic field to the fashion photography, particularly focused on the late Seventies and the early Eighties, when Mosconi had the chance to dare the best of this transfer in both directions. The bridge-theme is of course the body, already crucial in his artistic works of that time. That’s true of course also for the issues concerning fashion; not only: the body and the tool, the object, which in the field of fashion becomes the accessory, to which Mosconi has indeed reserved a special attention. The experimental daring in the artistic field, brought to fashion photography, has marked his original side, but, on the other hand, the attention to fashion and to elegance influenced Mosconi's behavior in personal and artistic terms, distinguishing him from his mates of path. Here comes a particular and, at the same time, paradigmatic figure of a historical and aesthetic problematic.