Contro la “trasparenza”. Poetica della “discrezione” e del “velamento” in Botho Strauß

Davide Di Maio

The essay investigates the concept of “transparency” in the work of Botho Strauß, in particular in the works Aufstand gegen die senkundäre Welt and Lichter des Toren. Strauß develops a peculiar "Poetics of Veiling" that appears in contrast to the claim of absolute transparency that is typical of today's "digital" society. Setting a constant dialogue with the work of the philosopher Byung-Chul Han, the essay shows how Strauß - in line with romantic and conservative thought - opposes the claim of "unveiling" and the suppression of all mystery, proposing instead an aesthetic attitude based on the receptivity to the auratic phenomenon and an ethical attitude of "discretion" in the face of the unfathomable.