I trasparenti in scena. Jo Mielziner e lo “stile americano” a teatro

Michele Flaim

“Trasparente” (transparent) is the Italian theatrical term to indicate what in English is called scrim or gauze (and sometimes transparency). It is a scenographic device that consists of a wide-meshed fabric, which appears opaque if illuminated from the front and transparent if the light comes from behind. This device can be very effective in defining the specific mood of a scene or in order to obtain amazing effects. The present paper will show how the use of gauzes made by Joe Mielziner in the 1940s for the productions of the plays of Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller is not limited to a mere decorative or even technical function (such as speeding up the change of scene), but play a key role in developing the new theatrical idiom called "American style", influencing both plays and performances.