Poétique du secret dans la nouvelle de Mohammed Dib

Rached Chaabene

The tale of Dib proves that the secrets are not only narrative springs, but that they also accompany the condition of the writer and his status. The secret is a novelistic material that allows you to play with the reader, the writer being a craftsman who can develop all his talent. We observe that the new dibienne becomes the "secretary", writing the secrets of the protagonists and sheltering them. A consubstantial paradox about us immediately appeared to us: with the study of the secret, we bring to light something that no longer exists from the moment it is discovered or simply named. The challenge is to approach the secret without destroying it and to achieve its full ambiguity and complexity. To do this, it is a question of apprehending this fleeting material, to make it manifest, to describe its mechanisms and to understand the means implemented by Mohamed Dib.